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Testimonials - Vargas Law, APC | A Tax Law Firm


Attorney Vargas is very knowledgeable about tax issues and the law relating thereto. He is thorough and clearly communicates this very complicated area of the law and advises you about your options, risks and liabilities so that you can make an informed decision. I’m very happy with the consultation I received.
Written by: Joan P.

The staff at Vargas Law provided the utmost professional, responsive, and knowledgeable service I could have ever hoped.  During our initial consultation I found Mr. Vargas informative, respectful, encouraging, and empathetic to the challenges of new business owners.
Written by: Rob R.

I spoke to Mr. Vargas regarding some complicated tax issues – he quickly grasped the situation and provided some valuable advice to me including referring me to another counsel who specialized in immigration issues. I would recommend his services highly
Written by: Jackie S.

Mr. Vargas really helped me when my tax situtation and finances were really dire. I could not be more appreciative of Mr. Vargas’s work.
Written by: Jonathan K.